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About Shockwave Therapy

Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy is a Cutting Edge Technology

Our treatments use shockwaves to treat chronic conditions around the body.  The shockwave aspect is an intense and powerful short energy wave that is pulsed into the effected area.  The extra corporeal aspect means that it is all outside of the body and therefore non-invasive. 


The big benefit is that shockwave therapy is effective in treating musculo-skeletal conditions that have not responded to other forms of treatment whereby surgery appears to be the last resort.  

How Does Shockwave Work?

The basis of shockwave therapy has been in place for a long time and is the same principle using acoustic shockwaves to breakdown kidney stones.  This technology was discovered some 25 years ago, and subsequently 1000’s of people have safely received effective treatment.


Shockwave Therapy works in two ways to promote better healing; firstly the micro trauma of the repeated shockwave to the area stimulates new blood flow.  It is this new bloodflow that further stimulates tissue healing.  Secondly, in chronic conditions, the brain has "forgotten" about the pain and does nothing to heal the area, allowing the body to accept the injury as "normal".  


In applying shockwave therapy, a new inflammatory response is created, which kickstarts the brain.  The brain then responds and reacts accordingly, as though it's treating a new "injury".


Primarily, it accelerates the body's own innate ability to heal, and also effects the neurological system, reducing the pain response.  

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