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Frozen Shoulder

Also known as adhesive capsulitis or shoulder contracture. Primarily it is a painful condition that affects movement of the shoulder. The loss of mobility can be quite dramatic with impact on all general movements.


History has shown that there are three distinct phases of Frozen Shoulder which can vary from person to person:


  • Stage One 

The freezing phase whereby your shoulder will start to ache and become painful when putting on a jacket or reaching up for something. The pain is usually worse at night and will be affected by whichever shoulder that you sleep on. This stage can last for anytime between two and eight months.


  • Stage Two

If stage one was the “freezing” phase then stage two is the “frozen” phase. Your shoulder can completely stiffen up without any worsening of the pain. Your shoulder may begin to look as if it is wasting away as the musculature is not being used. This phase can last between four and twelve months.


  • Stage Three

This is the “Thawing” phase and you will notice some improvement of mobility and reduction in pain. Slowly general mobility will improve with occasional relapses of pain and stiffness. This phase can be open ended and run a course from six months to many years.


Shockwave therapy aims to reduce the recovery period and hasten the time and impact of all three phases. 

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