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Tennis/Golfer's Elbow

Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Elbow are usually diagnosed as an overuse injury, i.e. the muscles and the tendons are not strong enough and have been overloaded due to a repetitve or strenuous activity. Despite their names, these injuries are not only caused by playing racquet sports or golf. Anyone that does an activity that requires repetitive movements of the arm and hands can cause this common problem. 


People that are involved in manual occupations such as builders, decorators, plumbers, and gardeners commonly suffer from Tennis elbow as can occupations that involve fine movements of the hands such as hairdressers and musicians. Long periods of keyboard activity at a computer are probably the most common cause currently. 

Treatment of Tennis Elbow at The London Shockwave Clinic Treatment of Tennis Elbow at The London Shockwave Clinic

The most obvious symptoms that a patient presents with at the clinic include pain on the outside of the upper forearm for those suffering from Tennis Elbow, and pain on the inside of the upper forearm for Golfer's Elbow. With each condition, the pain will radiate along the inner or outer forearm toward the wrist  


Patients will feeling pain during the following activities:


  • Lifting or bending your arm.
  • Gripping a door knob or holding a pen for writing. 
  • Twisting your forearm to open jars, doors etc 
  • Stiffness when fully straightening your arm. 


If left untreated the pain will be present all the time, even when inactive.

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