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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the success rate of Shockwave Treatment?

A: Statisitical evidence shows that the rate of clinical success is around 80% worldwide. 

Q: How much treatment will I need?

A:  A normal course of treatment usually takes between 3 to 5 sessions. Although some response will be felt after the first session, your body will continue to heal for many months beyond your course of treatment at the London Shockwave Clinic. This is due to the extraordinary cumulative effect of Shockwave Therapy and the profound and powerful impact it has on the body's natural healing mechanisms.


Each treatment will take approx 15 to 30 mins.  Your sessions with be booked a minimum of 5 days apart, but within a 10 day period, depending on patient response.

Q: Is the treatment painful?

A:  Inevitably, patients present at the London Shockwave Clinic in varying degrees of discomfort and pain.  Subsequently, treatment of these areas can result in tenderness and discomfort.  Of course, your practitioner will be monitoring your response, and can adjust the treatment appropriately.

Q: How does Shockwave work?

A:  Acoustic waves are transmitted through the surface of the skin spreading into the body, which responds with increased metabolic activity around the area of pain. This stimulates and accelerates the healing process.

Q: How long has Shockwave Therapy been around?

A:  Shockwave Therapy has been used effectively in medicine for over 30 years, primarily for non-invasive fragmentation of kidney stones.  Its application on the musculo-skeletal system has had success for some 15 years.  

Q: Are there any side effects?

A:  The side effects from Shockwave Therapy are very manageable.  You might notice redness and some mild soreness in the area, with the possibility of minimal swelling and bruising.  Any side effects are short lasting - should you have any concerns, you are always welcome to discuss them with your practitioner.

Q: Do I need to rest after treatment?

A:  We would advise you to abstain from physical activity that affects the treated area for a couple of days after your session.

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