The London Shockwave Clinic
The London Shockwave Clinic

What to Expect

The practitioner will go through a consultation process with you followed by a careful and detailed physical assessment of the area affected. Once an accurate diagnosis is reached treatment can commence. 


The shockwaves are delivered by a handpiece that is placed directly on the skin that has been lubricated with a gel that ensures the whole process is smooth and rapid. The patient will feel impulses that are delivered via the handpiece that will travel through the skin as a small shockwave that spreads inside to the site of injury. 


The shockwave causes the body to respond naturally by increasing blood circulation, the number of blood vessels and therefore speed up the metabolism of the injured tissue. This increases new cell generation and vastly accelerates the healing process. 

Shockwave therapy primariliy breaks the vicious cycle of chronic inflamed injuries.

Although you will notice an effect virtually immediately most injuries take around three treatments, spaced a week apart before significant improvements are noticed.


Treatment can be uncomfortable at times, but your practitioner will be considerate to your level of discomfort. Once treatment is over there may be a reddening of the area and maybe even mild bruising and swelling.

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