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Shoulder Tendonitis

All of the below conditions can either individually or collectively be part of a condition diagnosed as Rotator Cuff Syndrome. They can be present at various stages to varying degrees.


Primarily, the patient will present with a painful shoulder that is restricted in mobility with pain in certain movements. The pain may also be present at night when laying on the shoulder in bed. 

  • Supraspinatus Tendonitis

This is when the tendon at the top of the joint over the shoulder is affected resulting in pain when you life your arm out to the side.


  • Biceps Tendonitis

This affects the tendon at the top of the arm and in front of the shouder and will inhibit reaching up to shelves or putting your arm behind you when putting on your jacket or coat.

  • Calcific Tendonitis

Both Suraspinatus and Biceps Tendonitis can lead to calcification of the actual tendon and result in pain that can radiate down your arm or up into your neck.  If left untreated, th econdition can lead to increased stiffening and weakending of the affected muscules.


  • Impingement Syndrome

The inflamed tendons thicken and further confine the area around the bursa. Subsequently the bursa becomes inflamed and all this leads to impingement syndrome whereby the patient will feel a pinching that results in pain and restricted mobility in lifting the affected arm overhead. 

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