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I came to The London Shockwave Clinic because I was suffering with Plantar Fasciitis.  My Doctor told me that I could expect to be in pain for up to a year, with the possiblilty of surgery at the end of it.  Firstly, I didn't want be in excruciating pain on a daily basis, as I work on my feet in a busy environment.  And secondly, I didn't want to go down the surgery route, as quite frankly, it scared me.  Too many complications and no guarantees!  A friend recommended Hussein at the Canonbury Clinic to me.  It was a godsend, as I started to feel relief after the first treatment.  Miracle!  And after another 3 sessions, it was significantly improved.  The difference this made to the quality of my life on a daily basis was brilliant. I recommend it highly!


K. Weiser

I recently had my second baby, and started to feel very bad pain in my shoulder.  I went to see Hussein, who recommended a course of shockwave treatment.  He said I had Shoulder Tendonitis, and it would take two to three treatments.  The sessions were a little uncomfortable, but really nothing compared to what it felt like to do simple things like getting me and my kids dressed in the morning! Here I am, three sessions later, and my shoulder is virtually back to normal.  Yay!


Denise Blackstone

I play a lot of squash and was forced to stop because of very bad pain in my right knee.  The Dr gave me anti-inflammatories, and referred me to a physio which, would take six weeks, which I just didn't feel I had the patience for. I found Hussein on the internet and after a chat, started treatment with his shockwave machine.  I'm very pleased with the results, as I had a tournament I really wanted to play in, and managed to get better just in time.  The knee still feels good.  Recommend it highly.


Rav Arjun

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